Classic New York Beer & The 1 Wine success with fashion party

Ms Classic Beer

Ms Spicy

The bold taste of our craft with the right hint of ginger and jalapeno with a touch of garlic that leaves out the discomfort of the heat yet teases the back of your pallet with a refreshing taste, especially when cold.

Ms Ice

We brew a strong, dark lager, then freeze the beer and remove some of the ice. This concentrates the aroma and taste of the beer, and also raises the alcoholic strength of the finished beer.

Ms Blueberry

Offers an unusual tist on brewing that turns out to be just perfect. A wonderful blend of fresh blueberries matched with a thirst quenching distinctive ale that infuses the sweetness of the fruit with the strength of our classic beer blend.

Ms Apple

Blends the refreshing taste of Classic NY Beer with crisp red apple taste for clean. slightly sweet finish that¡¯s smoother than conventional apple ales and ciders but doesn¡¯t compromise the beer state one expects.

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